We Urge Guatemala to Prioritize Armed Conflict Cases

04 Apr 2018   |   Press Release
Guatemala City, San Jose, Utrecht and Washington D.C., April 4, 2018 - In light of the recent death of the former dictator, Efraín Ríos Montt, the stagnancy and permeability of the Guatemalan judicial system has become evident. The search for justice for the genocide of the Maya-Ixil people has lasted over 18 years without reachi... More

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights holds important hearing on implications of Mexico’s new Internal Security Law

20 Mar 2018   |  
Washington, D.C. / New York City / Stuttgart / Geneva, March 20, 2018 - The International Observatory on Human Rights in Mexico remains deeply concerned about the new Internal Security Law and the Mexican Government’s refusal to accept the Law’s implications. The International Observatory urges the Inter-American Commission on Human Rig... More

25 years after the El Salvador Truth Commission Report: What do its findings and recommendations say today?

09 Mar 2018   |   News
See the invitation here.   March 15, 2018 4:30 to 6:30 pm   Hotel Sheraton Presidente, San Salvador, El Salvador   OPENING REMARKS Representative, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Regional Office for Central America.   Hans-Geor... More

Citizen Participation for Enhancing Accountability in Public Appointments

26 Feb 2018   |   News
About the Webinar Public agencies have greater chances of meeting their mission when people leading them have not only the technical expertise, but previous proven commitment to the public good and human rights’ realization. This is particularly relevant in public agencies providing public services or upholding peoples’ rights. For thi... More

Hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the 25th anniversary of the Truth Commission for El Salvador

23 Feb 2018   |   News
Date: Monday February 26, 2018 Location: Tequendama Hotel, Carrera 10 No. 26-21, Bogota, Colombia Time: 10:15 a.m. Amidst the 167th session of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), to be held in Bogota, Colombia, and regarding to the 25th anniversary of the publication of the report "From madness to hope. The 12-year war in... More

Promoting Accountability in El Salvador: The Case of El Mozote

23 Feb 2018   |   News
  Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 2:00pm   340 Cannon House Office Building   Please join the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for a briefing on efforts to ensure accountability for grave human rights abuses committed during El Salvador’s civil war, examined through the lens of the El... More

International organizations make observations and recommendations on the Prosecutor General election process

20 Feb 2018   |   Press Release
On February 16, international organizations that are members of the Observatory for the Election of the Attorney General of Guatemala sent comments and recommendations to the Nomination Committee (Comisión de Postulación) on the development of the selection process thus far. See the letter (Spanish version only) here.... More

The Prosecutor General and the Fight Against Grand Corruption: What Prosecutor General does Guatemala need?

08 Feb 2018   |   News
(Spanish version only) La designación de quien ocupará el cargo de Fiscal General en Guatemala, durante el periodo 2018-2022, es crucial para la consolidación y continuidad de los esfuerzos de la lucha contra la impunidad y la corrupción emprendida con el apoyo de la Comisión Internacional contra la Impunidad en... More

The Selection of Guatemala’s Human Rights Ombudsperson: The Ideal Profile

24 Jan 2018   |   News
(Spanish version only) Ver carta aquí. Guatemala, 24 de enero de 2018      Magistrado José Antonio Pineda  Presidente de la Corte Suprema de Justicia  Presidente de la Comisión de Postulación para Fiscal General      Ref.: Proceso de elección de Fiscal General de G... More

DPLF condemns attacks and harassment against Guatemala’s Human Rights Ombudsman, Jordan Rodas

25 Jan 2018   |   Press Release
(Spanish version only) Ver comunicado aquí. La Fundación para el Debido Proceso (DPLF por sus siglas en inglés) expresa su consternación ante la denuncia pública hecha por el Procurador de los Derechos Humanos de Guatemala, Jordán Rodas, acerca de la existencia de ataques e intimidaciones en su contra, de... More