Increased militarization of citizen security: A recipe that has proven ineffective

July 22, 2021

The Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF) expresses its concern regarding the militarization measures reported by the government of El Salvador this week, as they lead to a further denaturalization of the civilian model of security. 

The government of El Salvador announced from its Twitter account that it will substantially increase the number of military personnel involved in citizen security tasks as part of the questioned Territorial Control Plan: 9,825 soldiers -the highest number of military personnel in the fight against crime since the end of the civil war-. Likewise, on Twitter, President Nayib Bukele stated "we will increase our Armed Forces in the next 5 years, starting today [...]. It starts today with 15,000 [troops...], and this new order is to increase it to 40,000 brave and patriotic men and women". 

These actions demonstrate that the current administration continues to support repressive security policies that privilege militarization over prevention and technical investigation of crimes.

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