International organizations express their concern regarding the consequences of a possible decision that validates the constitutionality of the concept of "internal security" in Mexico

November 1, 2018

Foto: Adrián Martínez/Flickr

The organizations that make up the International Observatory on Mexico expressed their concern regarding the recently-published draft resolution by the Mexican Supreme Court on the issue, which finds that some articles of the law are unconstitutional, but also concludes that the concept of “internal security” is valid in Mexico. In this regard, they reiterated that the ISL goes against Mexico’s international obligations, as it perpetuates the military’s presence in the streets and assigns them security tasks that are incompatible with the nature of their institutional mandate. Concerningly, the law submits civilian institutions to military authority, and lacks effective control and accountability mechanisms that are necessary in a democratic regime. Additionally, it infringes upon the right to justice for victims of military abuses, as well as society’s right to truth.


Read the statement here.