Naayeli Ramírez-Espinosa


Naayeli is a consultant and has principally worked on the project to strengthen the legal capacity and strategies of indigenous communities and farmers working for rights in the Yucatán peninsula, under the DPLF program for Human Rights and Extractive Industries.

Naayeli received her license to practice law in 2001 from the Technological and Higher Degree Institute of Monterrey in Mexico. She also has a master’s degree in public law (2007, University of Komazawa in Tokyo, Japan) and has two doctorate degrees: one in law (2014, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada) and the other in public administration (2010, Waseda University in Tokyo). She received her post-doctorate degree in intercultural education, focusing on moral norms and laws of legal inquiry and language of the Totonacas, Mayas, and Purehépechas from Veracruz University in 2015-2016. Furthermore, she works within Veracruz International University as a member for the Commission to Design the Legal Licensing Education Program with a focus on Pluralistic Justice. She is also a consulting communications lawyer for Mayan communities in the Chenes region in Campeche.

Naayeli has authored many diverse publications and articles pertaining to justice for indigenous peoples and human rights.