Xenia Hernández

Technical Advisor for the El Salvador Program

Xenia is a Salvadoran lawyer who graduated from Central American University José Simeón Cañas. She specializes in rights to public information, open data, public ethics, and counter-corruption ventures. She worked in the Anti-corruption Legal Advice Center (ALAC) in the Salvadoran chapter of Transparency International. She has been a consultant for the Democracy, Transparency, and Justice Foundation, as well as for the Alliance for an Open Government. She was one of the principal figures in the creation of an action plan for the Alliance in bringing the topic to light on a regional level. She was one of the main drivers behind DatosElSalvador.org and is a distinguished member of Open Knowledge El Salvador.

Xenia has spoken at conferences in Uruguay, México, Costa Rica, Honduras, and other countries about the right to open public information, transparency, open data, and counter-corruption endeavors.

She studied Developmental Methods for Human Rights in Sweden and at the School for Integrity and International Transparency in Lithuania.