CONABÚSQUEDA begins its work responding to society and families searching for their loved ones

September 14, 2018

On September 14, 2018, the National Commission for the Search of Persons Disappeared during the armed conflict in El Salvador (CONABÚSQUEDA) held a solemn ceremony for the inauguration of its official headquarters and the start of its work.

CONABÚSQUEDA was created through Executive Decree No. 33 on August 21, 2017. Its mission is to investigate and determine the whereabouts and situation of the adult victims of forced disappearance in the context of the armed conflict in El Salvador, and facilitate the reunion with or the restitution of their remains to their respective families.

This commission is presided by three commissioners ad-honorem, named by the President of the Republic, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, for a period of five years: P. Manuel de Jesús Acosta Bonilla as President of CONABÚSQUEDA, Leonor Yesenia Arteaga Rubio, and Salvador Eduardo Menéndez, while also relying on the support of a multidisciplinary technical team.

CONABÚSQUEDA is the result of the long, unwavering struggles of the families of the victims of forced disappearance and the indefatigable work carried out by many civil society organizations in El Salvador, along with the international community, to determine the whereabouts of the victims of crimes against humanity.

CONABÚSQUEDA assumes a non-judicial role and will fulfill its mandate in an independent, impartial, and apolitical manner, in conformity with relevant international standards. It will perform its official functions at the national and international level, by receiving complaints or by notice.

Lastly, CONABÚSQUEDA is inspired by the legacy of those who have sought recognition of the civilian victims and wishes to be a part of a State that is committed to the guarantee of non-repetition of a painful past.


San Salvador, September 14, 2018.