Venezuela: Civil Society Demands the Immediate Release of Venezuelan Human Rights Defender Rocio San Miguel

February 13, 2024
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We, the undersigned civil society organizations and individuals, express in the strongest possible terms our rejection of the arbitrary detention and forced disappearance for more than 60 hours of human rights defender Rocío San Miguel, by agents of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate [DGCIM] and the Bolivarian Intelligence Service [SEBIN] of Venezuela. San Miguel, a lawyer who is president of the NGO “Control Ciudadano” and an expert in military and national security issues, was approached by DGCIM and SEBIN officials and detained at the Simon Bolivar International Airport near Caracas when she was about to travel on February 9, 2024 in the company of her daughter. Two days passed without her relatives, her lawyers, or society as a whole having any knowledge of her whereabouts, personal integrity or life, making her forced disappearance a public and notorious fact. At 5pm on February 11, the head of the Public Prosecutor's Office, Tarek William Saab, acknowledged, through his X account, the detention of the human rights defender, stating she was under an arrest warrant for being allegedly linked to conspiracy plots. However, San Miguel’s whereabouts and the security authority in charge of her detention are still unknown, nor has it been possible to verify her physical health and integrity. 
It must be emphasized that the refusal of State agents and authorities to provide information on the whereabouts, physical health, integrity, and life of human rights defender Rocío San Miguel, as well as the failure to provide information on the authority in charge of her custody, amounts to a forced disappearance. The systematic pattern of temporary forced disappearances in Venezuela has been documented by United Nations bodies and denounced before the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. The practices of disappearance constitute a form of lack of protection before the law, which generates very serious individual and social repercussions, being considered cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. In turn, it has been documented that disappearances in Venezuela place victims in extremely vulnerable and dangerous conditions in which they may be subject to torture to obtain statements against themselves. These amount to very serious human rights violations, contrary to the commitments of the State to comply with international standards and the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This very serious act against Rocío San Miguel violates international provisions against forced disappearance, as well as the duty of States not to practice, permit or tolerate it. 
The human rights defender Rocío San Miguel is renowned for her work over more than a decade with Control Ciudadano to investigate, monitor, and evaluate security and national defense issues and the armed forces. She closely follows the commitments of the Venezuelan State with the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, publishing reports that have been widely disseminated through social networks in the country and via international platforms. Her activities are public, including her active participation in high-level national and international forums and events on the topics of her expertise. Additionally, as Rocío San Miguel is a prominent university professor, her arbitrary detention violates academic freedom and the Inter-American Principles on Academic Freedom of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Her credibility and expertise, especially in the military field, have made her the woman human rights defender subject to the most attacks, criminalization, persecution, and harassment by senior state officials and security agencies of the Venezuelan State. She has received threats against her life and integrity on several occasions along with her family, for which she is the beneficiary since January 2022 of precautionary (protective) measures issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. 
Contrary to the obligation of protection, for more than a decade, this human rights defender has been defamed and criminalized for alleged conspiracies that she has never been part of. President Nicolás Maduro himself accused her of being involved in a coup attempt in 2014, and almost weekly she has been slandered, adding up to dozens of accusations from Deputy Diosdado Cabello on his national TV show “Con el Mazo Dando.” However, Rocío San Miguel has demonstrated for decades her unimpeachable commitment to human rights, promoting democratic actions, always within the framework of domestic legal norms and human rights standards. An example of this was her denunciation against political discrimination in Venezuela through the use of the Tascón List. San Miguel took this case to the Inter-American human rights system, obtaining a ruling from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, thus setting a precedent of protection for dozens of people whose fundamental rights had been affected. 
The detention of Rocío San Miguel is part of the Venezuelan government's policies of criminalization and persecution of the work of promotion and defense of human rights and the closure of civic space in Venezuela – policies based on the consideration of the role of social activists and human rights defenders as "internal enemies" and of alleging their participating in conspiracies and attempts of "assassinations." It also constitutes an expression of the continuous violations of human rights occurring in Venezuela and the deepening of the pattern of arbitrary arrests, followed by incommunicado detention, as a mechanism to repress, intimidate and attempt to silence the voices of those who speak the truth about what is happening in Venezuela. Recently, similar accusations were made by the Public Prosecutor's Office against journalist Sebastiana Barráez and human rights defender Tamara Sujú, without any evidence or consistent proof being presented. 
We want to publicly endorse attorney Rocío San Miguel’s transparent work in the study, promotion and defense of the rights of the population to defense and national sovereignty. Nothing done by the NGO Control Ciudadano or by Rocío San Miguel as the organization’s president constitutes a crime, since all her work and the results of the same are in plain view. This arbitrary deprivation of liberty of the lawyer and human rights defender Rocio San Miguel is added to that of Javier Tarazona who will soon complete 32 months in detention under very similar circumstances. This is a practice to which all human rights defenders in Venezuela are at risk, which should no longer be tolerated. 
By virtue of these considerations:
  • We demand respect for the physical and psychological integrity of Rocío San Miguel and her entire family, and her immediate release.
  • We demand that the various bodies of the United Nations and the entire International Human Rights System, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, make firm statements advocating for the immediate release of Rocío San Miguel.
  • We urge the democratic governments and civic organizations of the world to denounce this unacceptable and grave conduct and to show solidarity for the immediate release of Rocío San Miguel. 
1. A.C. Mujeres de Frente 
2. A.C. Médicos Unidos de Venezuela 
3. Acceso a la Justicia 
4. Acción Zuliana por la Vida (Azul Positivo) 
5. Activados Panamá 
6. AD en resistencia 
7. AlertaVenezuela 
8. Alianza Nacional Constituyente Originaria (ANCO- Coordinación Estado Sucre) 
9. Alianza Venezolana Por la Salud 
10. Amigos Trasplantados de Venezuela 
11. Aquí Cabemos Todos 
12. Asociación Civil Los Naguaritos 
13. Asociación Civil Mujeres en Línea 
14. Asociación Civil Saber es Poder - AsoSaber 
15. Asociación Civil Venezolanos en Córdoba Argentina 
16. Asociación de Jubilados Corpoelec Lara 
17. Asociación de Jubilados y Pensionados 
18. Asociación de Profesores de la Universidad Central de Venezuela 
19. Asociación de Venezolanos en El Salvador 
20. Asociación Diálogo por Venezuela - Francia 
21. Asociación Migrantes Venezolanos 
22. Asociación Movimiento Vinotinto 
23. Asociación Salto Ángel 
24. Asovedra 
25. Asovenquin 
26. Aula Abierta 
27. Avepr 
28. Caleidoscopio Humano 
29. CAMPO 
30. Canada Venezuela Democracy Forum 
31. Cátedra de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado
32. Casa Venezuela 
33. CCCB - Consejo Consultivo de la Ciudad de Barquisimeto 
35. Centro de Acción y Defensa por los Derechos Humanos (CADEF) 
36. Centro de Animación Juvenil 
37. Centro de Atención Integral Psicopedagógica Individual 
38. Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello 
39. Centro Iberoamericano de Comunicación, Política y Gobierno 
40. Centro LGBTIQ+ de Mérida 
41. Centro para la Paz y Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Central de Venezuela
42. Centro de formación para la democracia 
45. Ciudadanía Activa 
46. Civilis Derechos Humanos 
47. Clima21 
48. CNP Ciudad Guayana 
49. Coalición por Venezuela 
50. Coalición Siderúrgica 40 
51. Codevida 
52. Colegio de Profesores de la Enfermería del Distrito Capital 
53. Comisión de DDHH de la Federación Venezolana de Colegios de Abogados del estado Apure 
54. Comisión de la Mujer de la Universidad de Los Andes (ULA MUJER) 
55. Comisión Nacional de DDHH de la Federación de Colegios de Abogados de Venezuela del estado Táchira 
56. Comisión Nacional de la Federación del Colegio de Abogados de Venezuela en el estado Lara 
57. Comisión para los Derechos Humanos del Estado Zulia (Codhez) 
58. Comisión ULA Mujer 
59. Comité de DDHH Para la Defensa de Pensionados, Jubilados, Adultos Mayores y Personas con Discapacidad 
60. Comité para la defensa de los derechos humanos parroquia Coche 
61. Comité por la Libertad de los Luchadores Sociales - Guárico 
62. Confederación Sordos de Venezuela (Consorven) 
63. Consejo Comunal Colinas de Santa Rosa 
64. Convite AC 
65. Corporación Colonia Venezolana en Colombia 
66. Defensactiva 
67. Defiende Venezuela 
68. Diálogo Ciudadano Colombo Venezolano 
69. Due Process of Law Foundation 
70. Ecorenace - Ecuador 
71. EDEPA 
72. Encuentro ciudadano 
73. EPIKEIA Derechos Humanos 
74. Equalia 
75. EXCUBITUS Derechos humanos en Educación 
76. Expresión Libre 
78. Federación de Asociaciones de Profesores Universitarios de Venezuela (FAPUV) 
79. Federación Nacional de Sociedades de Padres y Representantes - FENASOPADRES 
80. Feminismoinc 
81. Formación Venezuela 
82. Foro Argentino por la Democracia en la Región 
83. Foro Penal 
84. Freedom for Venezuela Foundation 
86. Fundación Abrigando Esperanzas 
87. Fundación Agua Sin Fronteras 
88. Fundación Aguaclara 
89. Fundación Blanca Nieve Sierra 
90. Fundación Ciudadanía y Desarrollo 
91. Fundación de los Derechos Humanos Anzoátegui 
92. Fundación Diáspora Venezolana (FUNDIASVE)
93. Fundación GRACE 
94. Fundación Espacio Abierto 
95. Fundación Espacio Humanitario para Personas con Discapacidad 
96. Fundación Fraternidad Venezolana 
97. Fundación Hacienda Panas 
98. Fundación Iribarren Lucha 
99. Fundación Mulier 
100.Fundación para la Prevención de la Violencia Contra las Mujeres 
101.Fundación Patricio Aylwin 
102.Fundación Paz & Reconciliación - Pares 
103.Fundación Renaciendo Esperanzas 
104.Fundación Yo Te Apoyo 
107.GdelP Región Central
108.Gente Para Servir
109.GIEHC-Agua: Grupo Interdisciplinario Emergencia Humanitaria Compleja en Agua
111.Grupo Ad hoc de defensa de los derechos humanos de los venezolanos en Islandia
112.Hearts On Venezuela
113.Iniciativa de Inclusión Social A.C.
114.Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
115.Instituto de Prensa y Libertad de Expresión (IPLEX)
118.Jubilados y pensionados personal admon UDO núcleo de Nueva Esparta
119.Labo Ciudadano
121.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Amazonas
122.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Anzoátegui
123.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Apure
124.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Barinas
125.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Carabobo
126.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Cojedes
127.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo de Educación y Divulgación
128.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Delta Amacuro
129.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Falcón
130.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Guárico
131.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Lara
132.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Mérida
133.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Miranda
134.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Monagas
135.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Nueva Esparta
136.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Portuguesa
137.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Puerto Cabello
138.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Sucre
139.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Táchira
140.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Trujillo
141.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Valles del Tuy
142.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Vargas
143.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Yaracuy
144.Médicos Unidos de Venezuela Capítulo Zulia
145.Monitor de Derechos Humanos
147.Movimiento Araguaney
148.Movimiento Creando Ciudadanos (MOCRECI)
149.Movimiento DECODE
150.Movimiento SOMOS
152.Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad de Los Andes
153.Observatorio de Derechos Humanos del Centro de Animación Juvenil
154.Observatorio de Ecología Política de Venezuela 
155.Observatorio de la diáspora venezolana 
156.Observatorio de Violencias LGBTIQ+ 
157.Observatorio Global de Comunicación y Democracia 
158.Observatorio Venezolano de Conflictividad Social (OVCS) 
159.Observatorio Venezolano de los DDHH de las Mujeres 
160.Observatorio Venezolano de Prisiones 
161.Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia 
162.Odevida, Capítulo Venezuela 
165.Ong Venezuela sin Fronteras 
167.Organización StopVIH 
168.Osc. Ação Social Irmandade Sem Fronteiras 
169.Padres Organizados de Venezuela
171.Paz Para Venezuela. 
172.Plataforma Ayuda Venezuela
173.Prepara Familia 
175.PROVEA (Programa Venezolano de Educación- Acción en Derechos Humanos 
176.Proyecto Mujeres 
177.Puentes Ciudadanos Colombia Venezuela 
180.Refugiados sin fronteras 
182.Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 
184.Sociedad Hominis Iura (SOHI) 
186.SOS Pacientes Renales 
187.Startup Venezuela 
191.Transparencia Electoral
192.Transparencia por Colombia 
193.Transparencia Venezuela 
194.Una Ventana a la Libertad 
195.Unión de trabajadores de plataformas digitales y mensajerías 
196.Urgent Action for Democracy and Development, UADD 
201.Venezuela Global 
202.Voto Joven 
204.Red por los Derechos Humanos de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes (REDHNNA) 
1. Adelfa Malpica Dommar 
2. Adriane Grupp Gutierrez 
3. Alberto Fuenmayor 
4. Alberto Gallegos 
5. Alberto lopez oliver 
6. Alberto Soteldo
7. Aldo De Santis 
8. Alejandro Capo 
9. Alejandro Martínez Ubieda 
10. Alejandra Guevara 
11. Alexander camacho 
12. Alexis j saldivia dager 
13. Alexis Mercado 
14. Alexis Rafael Manrrique Duarte 
15. Alexis Ramos Castillo 
16. Alfonso Maldonado, priest 
17. Ali Daniels 
18. Alicia Ivañez 
19. Alirio Gomez 
20. Alix Garcia 
21. Ana Black 
22. Ana Karina Rosas 
23. Ana Maria Anselmi 
24. Ana Maria Diez 
25. Ana María Ruggeri 
26. Ana María Valero Almao 
27. Ana Martinez 
28. Anamaría González Oxford 
29. Andres Caleca 
30. Andres Salazar 
31. Angel Arturo Marquina Davila V- 6.160.700 
32. Angel Morillo 
33. Angela Itriago 
34. Anibal Benitez 
35. Annette Rojas 
36. Antonetta Cipolla 
37. Antonio Luján 
38. Antonio Ochoa 
39. Antonio Puppio 
40. Algeria Bolivar 
41. Arlette Danglades 
42. Ascension Reyes
43. Ashley Meyer
44. Augladys Volcán de Marengo
45. Aura Alvarez
46. Austerlitz Capriles
47. Barbara Reuss
48. Beatriz Salas
49. Belkis Mora
50. Benjamin Scharifker
51. Betzabeth Jaramillo Hurtado
52. Bibiana Balestrini
53. Briceida Morales
54. Carlos A. Villasmil A
55. Carlos Aponte Blank
56. Carlos Eduardo Vasquez
57. Carlos Figueredo Alvarez
58. Carlos Nieto Palma
59. Carlos Patiño
60. Carlos Uzcátegui Peña
61. Carlos Walter
62. Carmen B de Rivas
63. Carmen Brito
64. Carmen Elena Caraballo Hernández
65. Carmen García Guadilla
66. Carolina Amoroso
67. Carolina Jaimes Branger
68. Carolina Luzardo
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80. Damian Prat C
81. Daniel Asuaje
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83. Diana Carrasquero
84. Diana Irene Soaa
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86. Domingo José Marcano León
87. Doneyla Jimenez
88. Dora Dam de Monsalve
89. Eddie A. Ramirez S.
90. Edgar Contreras
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93. Eduardo Moratinos Monró
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97. Elides Sulbaran
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99. Elio Marcano
100. Elio Sanoja
101. Elisa Rodriguez
102. Elizabeth Conde
103. Elsy Manzanares
104. Emilda Velazco
105. Enrique Gajardo
106. Enrique Larrañaga
107. Enrique Sandoval
108. Eric Flores
109. Ernesto Romero Surt
110. Estefania Meléndez
111. Eugenio Martinez
112. Fabián Silvestre Chacón López
113. Felícita Chacón
114. Fermín Valladares
115. Fernando Acosta
116. Flavia Pesci Feltri
117. Francelia Ruiz
118. Francisco Carmona
119. Francisco Mendoza
120. Francisco Valencia
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123. Freddy Rios
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126. Gerardo Yepez
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131. Giuseppe Giannetto
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139. Guillermo León Mojica
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167. Joel Garcia
168. John M Mendoza
169. Jorge Eliecer Capriles Briceño
170. Jorge Padrón
171. Jorge Rosell
172. José A Furiati M.
173. José Antonio Narváez
174. José Diaz Peña
175. José dorta
176. José Ferrer
177. José Luis Lasaracina
178. José Luis Martínez
179. José Medina Rojas
180. José Mendoza
181. José Ospina-Valencia
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183.Joseph Poliszuk 
184.Juan Alonso Molina 
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197.Laura S. Leret-O'Neill 
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251. María Auxiliadora Quintana Palencia
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255.María Cristina Capriles
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269.María Muñoz
270.Maria Nuria De Cesaris
271.Maria Salgado
272.Maria Santos
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274.María Teresa Piñero Suárez
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277.Maria Gonzalez
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279.Mariana Suarez
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284.Maribel Ferrer
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334.Odalid Yilales
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336.Omar Pineda Boscán
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342.Otto Adolf Gebauer Morales.
343.Pablo Perez
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346.Pedro Luis Echeverria
347.Pedro Ramon
348.Pia Revollo
349.Rafael José Landaeta Matheus
350.Rafael Rodríguez O.
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353.Ramón Berardo Urbáez Figuera
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359.Raul Luis Aguana Santamaria
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362.Reinaldo Rojas
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364.Ricardo Morales
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366.Rigoberto Lobo
367.Rodrigo J. Mendoza T.
368.Ronal F. Rodriguez
369.Ronna Risquez
370.Rosa lópez
371.Rosa Rodriguez
372.Rosalba Chacon
373.Rosario Anzola
374.Rousselyn Curpa
375.Rubén Hurtado Maldonado
376.Ruben Naranjo
377.Ruth Fazio
378.Shara Garcia
379.Silvia Alegrett
380.Silvia Celi
382.Simón Gómez Guaimara
383.Simon Gonzalez
384.Simon Lopez C.
385.Sobella Mejias
386.Spencer Rodriguez
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388.Susana Suarez
389.Tamara Adrian
390.Tamoa Calzadilla
391.Tania Alvarez
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395.Valentina Quintero
396.Vartan Puiguian
397.Víctor Márquez Corao
398.Victor Quiñones Arenas
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400.Victoria Bustillos G
401.Victoriana Jiménez Hernández
402.Virginia Silva
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