Juan Carlos Sánchez

Program Officer

Juan Carlos, a Salvadoran national, has collaborated as a consultant at many social organizations and public institutions focused on human rights in both El Salvador and across Latin America. He worked for the Archbishop of San Salvador and has joined with other social organizations like the Commission for Human Rights in El Salvador (CDHES), the Christian Legal Relief organization, and the Institute for Human Rights at the University of Central America (IDHUCA)—among others—in order to develop educational, organizational, strategic planning, and public advocacy programs.

Before he began at DPLF, he worked in the Association for Caring Service CVX and the Foundation for Studies on the Application of Law (FESPAD), where he collaborated with the coordinators for International Planning and Cooperation, for Legal Advocacy Center, and for the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Program. For the last four years, he has been a consultant for the Legal Office for Human Rights Defense (PDDH), the Secretary for Social Inclusion under the President of El Salvador, the National Board on Childhood and Adolescence (CONNA), and other state organizations. In civil society, he has recently collaborated with the Consumer Defense Center, the Association for Training and Research on Mental Health (ACISAM), the Local Development Training and Assessment Service (SACDEL), the Foundation for Development Communication, the Central-American Institute for Democratic Studies (DEMOS), as well as for various international cooperation agencies in the region. He is a columnist and member of the Editorial Board of the online newspaper VOCES and has been published in other media outlets like Contrapunto and Diario Co-Latino. He has written and participated in investigations and academic publications, such as "Central-America, A Disconnected Democracy"(Centroemérica, una democracia desconectada) and "Communication, Information, and Power in El Salvador: Keys for Democracy" (Comunicación, Información y Poder en EL Salvador, Claves para la Democracia), among others.

He has taught courses and spoken at conferences about human rights, freedom of expression, peaceful culture, and participatory methodologies in Guatemala, Mexico, Mangua, San José, Bogotá, and Santiago de Chile. He studied political science and anthropology.