Karen Arita Ramos

Communications Coordinator

Karen is a Honduran Communications expert who joined the DPLF team in May 2021 to coordinate the organization’s communications and social media strategy, as well as support various communication initiatives with our partner organizations and allies in the region. 

She previously worked with Oxfam and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), where she coordinated the design and implementation of awareness and advocacy campaigns for the promotion and defense of human rights, particularly on the economic rights of women and youth, access to justice for women, prevention of irregular child migration and prevention of gender-based violence. Karen also designed strategies for institutional communication and media relations for these organizations.

Under Oxfam's regional ¡Basta! campaign, Karen co-directed the research "Unraveling myths to transform young people's imaginations”, which investigates the beliefs and social norms among urban and rural youth in Honduras that reproduce violence against women in intimate partner relationships. In addition, she participated as a workshop leader for strengthening the communication capacities of youth collectives. 

Her professional career also includes experiences in editorial project management and implementation of marketing campaigns for private companies. 

Karen holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Advertising with a focus on Audiovisual Production from the Technical University of Central America (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana, UNITEC) and a Master's degree in Corporate Communication from the GADEX program and the University of Cadiz in Spain. Additionally, she holds a B.A. in Business Psychology.