Strategies of the Due Process of Law Foundation for the Promotion of New Standards and Expansion of the Impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System

20 Mar 2024

Written by Katya Salazar and Daniel Cerqueira, this article constitutes a chapter of the book "The Impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System Transformations on the Ground." It proposes a conceptual differentiation between the impact and compliance of decisions issued by supranational human rights bodies. It also outlines various strategies employed by DPLF to enhance the impact of decisions rendered by the Inter-American Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.


The chapter provides a detailed account of collaborative efforts between DPLF and local as well as national civil society organizations, aimed to establish new inter-American standards pertaining to corruption and human rights agendas, as well as addressing the accountability of home countries of transnational corporations.


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